SAS Certified Predictive Modeler Using SAS Enterprise Miner 14

Made for SAS Enterprise Miner users who perform predictive analytics
? During this performance-based examination, candidates uses SAS Enterprise Miner to complete the examination tasks. It is necessary that the candidate possess a firm understanding and mastery of the functionalities for predictive modeling for sale in SAS Enterprise Miner.

Successful candidates must have the ability to:
? Prepare data
? Build predictive models
? Assess and implement models
? Perform pattern analysis. (new content)
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This exam is currently available at over 2,800 Pearson VUE test centers worldwide.

Preparation for A00-255 Exam:

Exam Content & Pricing
Candidates who are earning this credential will have earned a passing score around the Predictive Modeling Using SAS Enterprise Miner 14 exam.
? 55-60 multiple-choice and short-answer questions.
? Passing score is 725; utilizes a score cover anything from 200 to a single,000 points.
? For more info about scaled scores, see our FAQ.
? 165 minutes to finish exam.
? Use exam ID A00-255; required when registering with Pearson VUE.
? Candidates use SAS Enterprise Miner to complete this exam.

Get Certified
Pricing Information: Predictive Modeling Using SAS Enterprise Miner exam fee $250 USD.

Training & Exam Preparation
Your one-stop guide to enable you to get ready for SAS Certification.

Applied Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner
This course is acceptable for SAS Enterprise Miner from release 5.3 up to 14.2. This course covers the relevant skills which can be forced to assemble analysis flow diagrams while using the rich tool group of SAS Enterprise Miner either way pattern discovery (segmentation, association, and sequence analyses) and predictive modeling (decision tree, regression, and neural network models).

Discover ways to define a SAS Enterprise Miner project and explore data graphically modify data for better analysis results build and understand predictive models for example decision trees and regression models compare and explain complex models generate and employ score code apply association and sequence discovery to transaction data.

Who should attend
Data analysts, qualitative experts, among others who desire a review of SAS Enterprise Miner

Predictive Modeling with SAS Enterprise Miner: Practical Solutions for Business.

Get Success in SAS Predictive Modeler Exam:

For candidates with considerable expertise in predictive modeling with SAS Enterprise Miner, this book gives a solid breakdown of the sorts of concepts and skills perfectly located at the exam.

Practice Exams
Predictive Modeling Using SAS Enterprise Miner (PE-255P)
Useful Resources
SAS Programming Flash Cards.
Place yourself for the test.
Free SAS Certification Webinars.
Have the lowdown from our experts.
SAS Learning Report - Training & Certification news from SAS.
SAS University Edition
Pay nothing. Gain everything.

Unlock the complete potential of your acquisition of SAS and turn into more creative and innovative with your using SAS technology. If you are not used to SAS or have years of experience, we could assist you to on your journey to becoming a SAS certified professional.

For more details about A00-255 Syllabus check this net page.

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